Thank you for participating in Five Season's "Take Five" awards program. At the request of the client sponsoring this program, the web site has been decommissioned. If you have any questions, please contact your representative.


How to Get Started

Members are required to activate their rewards account on the rewards program web site using their Member ID# as the login ID with their club’s two letter code before their Member ID# Ex. If your Member ID# is 12345, and you are a Burr Ridge Member then your login ID will be: BR12345.

Club Codes:
  • Burr Ridge, IL - BR
  • Cincinnati - CI
  • Crestview Hills, KY - KY
  • Dayton, OH - DA
  • Indianapolis, IN - IN
  • Northbrook, IL - NB
  • Westlake, OH - WL

Help Form

If you are still experiencing difficulty with any part of this program, you can use the form below to request assistance.

Please be sure to include your contact information so that we can contact you back.
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